Partners/Other Resources

Skyrim G.E.M.S. - awesome one-page "quick reference catalog" of mods for Skyrim.

/r/skyrim - subreddit for all Skyrim players (PC, Xbox360, and PS3).

/r/skyrimmods - subreddit dedicated to modding Skyrim.

/u/Terrorfox1234's "Super Epic Modding Guide". /r/skyrimmods stickied modding post. Has a lots of great information to get begginners set up, especially if you want to use MO, LOOT, and ENBs past v02xx. Stuff that I don't cover!

Bethesda's Skyrim Modding Forums. Good resource to consult if you have problems modding or want to learn how to make your own mods.

Nexus Network Skyrim Modding Forums. Another forum dedicated to modding.

Skyrim Total Enhancement Project (S.T.E.P.). STEP is a much more thorough and in-depth guide than mine. If you have a powerful rig and want to totally maximize the graphics and visuals of Skyrim, then STEP is worth checking out.

Big Modding Projects to keep track of:

Archon Entertainment - Luftahraan - A big quest and new city/lands mod being developed.

Visit the Interesting NPCs blog!

Check out Enderal - A new landmass to explore unrelated to Tamriel.

Skywind - The resurrection of Morrowind with the Skyrim's game engine.

File types used in Skyrim Modding (WIP):

Files ending in .esm are Master Files. Big mods need these, like Falskaar, which add a lot of content. Otherwise, most mods are .esm files.

Files ending in .esp are Plugin Files. These are mainly the files for mod plugins therefore a lot of mods end in the file extension .esp.

Files ending in .bsa are "bethesda archives" and can be unpacked using a .bsa unpacker tool.

Files ending in .dds are texture files. These can be edited in Photoshop using the nVidia .dds plugin (and maybe some other programs too).

Files ending in .nif are mesh files. These are used for the various models in the game.