ModdingForge-Skyrim is intended to be a beginner-friendly guide to modding Skyrim. Clear, clean, concise, and to the point, so that you can get started playing Skyrim within a few hours, even if you have never modded Skyrim before.

I intend to provide support for future Elder Scroll games, and potentially make a similar guide to Fallout: New Vegas or the new Fallout Game (Fallout 4?).

If you want to contact me about ModdingForge-Skyrim, please send a PM to /u/insane0hflex on Reddit.


Q: What do you record with?

Q: What ENB do you use?
A: 2012-2014 - Enhanced Vanilla ENB (v0113). Currently I use RealLike ENB v0113.

Q: What are your PC Specs and Framerate with Skyrim modded?
A: My current (as of October, 2014) PC specs are:

OS:     Windows 10 64 Bit
CPU:    i5-4690K
GPU:    MSi GTX 970 Twin Frozr
RAM:    18GB
HDD:    Crucial 500 GB SSD x2
Average FPS: 45-60+ at 1080p. I don't usually use full HD texture overhaul mods (Like Skyrim HD 2K), because it causes dips into the low 20s when recording mod videos. Also, those HD texture overhaul mods makes loading screens really long since I don't have a SSD.

Change Log:

  • 4/8/2016 - Bootstrap markup fixes (div of rows > div of col-md-12s)
  • 3/26/2016 - removed bloat (unused css/js files) and updated for removal of Enhanced Distant Terrain with HD Enhanced Terrain