More mods!

The mods on this page may conflict with each other OR mods I detailed in the Essentials section. Therefore, install these mods at your own risk. Be sure to read the mod's compabitility details or requirements before installing the mod.

Player Home Mods
Find the perfect home for your character.
Mod name Mod description Video
Video series showcasing the best playerhomes: Skyrim Real Estate.
Small Homes
Small, compact, and functional player homes for the Dovahkiin that don't like to sit at home all day
Bluthanch Small dwemer themed house just outside of Markarth. Video
Forgotten Windmill A great player home with one of the best views in Skyrim - packed with details and functionality. Video
Medium Homes
Rich in features but not too complex
Limbwood Manor A personal favorite of mine, Limbwood Manor is a beautiful medium-sized player home built into/onto a tree in the Rift, and features windows that look outdoors, working clocks, and more. Video
Grey Ledge Manor Great medium-sized player home located in the worldspace so no loading doors or interior cells to load. Simply walk right into your house! Also includes a blacksmith merchant, a personal mine, and all the player home essentials. Video
Silverfish Grotto Neat roleplayer home. Cozy home nestled in a grotto near Solitude. Video
Large Homes
Large player homes for those who like lots of living space
Alchemist's Hidden Valley A unique and secluded player home hidden within its own beautiful valley. Home features all crafting stations, 2 new spells, and a cool teleportation system, and more. Video
Amethyst Dreamworld Hollows Cool player mansion that has several unique features like a quest, NPCs, changable scenery, on/off lights, a mark-and-recall spell, an archery range, and more. Video
Legend of the Eagle's Nest Modest player home that you have to clean up. Great view, unique mountain-top location. Video
Tel Nalta II Rebuild basically a small mushroom-house/tower settlement on an island on Lake Illianalta. Video
Follower Mods
Discover a quality follower mod to accompany you on your travels througout Skyrim.
Mod name Mod description Video
Arissa - The Wandering Rogue Arissa is female companion that is designed as a game-long companion that can accompany you from start to finish. She is inspired by Emma and Amgepo's Vilja, Bethesda's Serana from Dawnguard, and the kinds of characters found in Bioware games. Video by Gopher
Hoth Hoth is a grizzly, old bounty hunter bad ass, and my favorite follower mod. He has custom voice acting, and can give you bounty quests to complete, so there's always something to do. Video by insane0hflex
INIGO Inigo is a interesting male Khajiit follower. He also has his own personal quest to complete. Video by Brodual
Companion Valfar Valfar is a passionate and rugged Stomcloak warrior. He uses Galmar Stonefist's voice and has great custom armor. Video by insane0hflex
Mirai - the Girl with the Dragon Heart Mirai is a young female Breton mage living alone in the harsh frozen wastelands of Skyrim for close to a year. Recruit her along your travels for a great companion with an intriguing backstory! Video by insane0hflex
Odvar the Afflicted A more humor-themed follower. Odvar can spit bile at his foes and also features amazing custom voice acting too. Video by insane0hflex
Utility Mods
Want to enhance your UI or other utility aspects of Skyrim? Look here.
Mod name Mod description Video
Customizable Camera Gives you many more options to customize the camera for use in third-person. If you prefer playing in third-person, definitely check this mod out. Video
Better Dialogue Controls For those playing Skyrim with a mouse and keyboard, this mod enhances the dialogue controls to be a lot more keyboard and mouse friendly. Video by Brodual
Better Messagebox Controls This mod lets you navigate the message boxes with the keyboard. Use Left/Right controls, and Activate to select options. Also, fixes the clickable area of buttons so they are easier to click. Video by Brodual
EZ2C Dialogue Menu A more feature-rich alternative to the Better Dialogue and Better MessageBox Controls listedbefore, and therefore is not compatible with Better Dialogue Controls. EZ2C Dialogue menu lets you fully customize the appearance and layout of the menu, implements a much better navigation and control system and also fixes several bugs that are present in the vanilla dialogue menu, and more. Video by insane0hflex
Character Enhancing Mods
Customize your character even more
Mod name Mod description Video
RaceMenu Customize your character with more control and in-depth functionality with RaceMenu. Video by insane0hflex
Apachii SkyHair Adds dozens of new high quality unique male and female hairstyles for your character. Video by insane0hflex
Realism and Survival
Enjoy a more realistic playthrough with these mods
Mod name Mod description Video
iNeed A streamlined approach to needs. This mod adjusts to your timescale so by default you should only feel the need to eat and drink 2-3 times a day and sleep once per day provided that you are consuming full meals and getting at least 7 hours of sleep. Video by Brodual
FrostFall - Hypothermia Camping Survival The primary objective of this mod is to add a deep, immersive level of gameplay to Skyrim, while keeping tedium to a minimum. An immersion mod should never get in the way of having fun. The three main components of Frostfall are Hypothermia, Cold Water Survival, and Camping Equipment. Video by Gopher
Living Takes Time This mod makes it so that time passes when performing actions like reading, eating, crafting and training. You can use the MCM menu to set every option to customize the mod to your preference, too. Video by Brodual
Loot and Degradation NPCs now have access to tempered/enchanted items that were previously only available to you. Tempered items no longer retain their tempered state forever. All features can be adjusted using SkyUI's MCM. Video by Brodual
More Graphical and Visual mods
Further enhance the graphics and visuals of Skyrim
Mod name Mod description Video
Climates of Tamriel Massive weather and climate overhaul for Skyrim. Video by Gopher
Real Clouds This mod adds pseudo-volumetric clouds to Skyrim, i.e realistic 3D clouds. These clouds will change in coverage and altitude depending on the current weather. Video by Hodilton
Realistic Lighting Overhaul Alternative to Enhanced Lights and FX that some may prefer. It is a complete overhaul of the games lighting system and is the most comprehensive lighting mod available for Skyrim. Video by Hodilton
Large Quest Mods
Quality quest and new lands mods to explore
Mod name Mod description Video
Falskaar Falskaar is a massive mod that adds a new, DLC-quality landmass to explore. Falskaar features a main quest, many sidequests, new challenges to face and more, all to give you a free 15-20 hours worth of new gameplay. Video by insane0hflex
Wyrmstooth A dragon has been stirring up trouble raiding trading routes, and you are recruiting to help slay the dragon. But things are never that simple, eh? Journey to a new island and battle the challenges of this great quest mod. Video Trailer
Moonpath to Elsweyr Get a taste of what Elsweyr could be like with this great fan-created large quest mod. Video Trailer
Luftahraan - Heimfeigr Although Luftahraan proper is not released yet, you can play a "teaser" dungeon of the mod called Heimfeigr. Video by Brodual
Helgen Reborn Rebuild Helgen back into a functional town of Skyrim! About 5 to 7 hours long. Video by insane0hflex
Undeath When a powerful necromancer and his followers seek out the forbidden secrets of immortality that could threaten Skyrim, will you defeat him to stop his evil quest, or continue it yourself? Video by Brodual
Wheels of Lull The Wheels of Lull is an enormous, sprawling expansion sized quest mod. This is a dwemer(dwarven) themed large quest mod. Video by Brodual
Combat Mods
Mods for warriors or those who favor melee combat
Mod name Mod description Video
VioLens VioLens - A Killmove Mod gives you in-game control over both Ranged and Melee Killmoves. In terms of the Melee Killmove Animations, VioLens aims to unlock and use as many as possible while still keeping them matched to their proper weapon types. Video by Brodual
Ultimate Combat Improves the AI of Skyrim to be more challenging in combat. Video by insane0hflex
Mage Mods
Expand your magical knowledge with these great spell mods
Mod name Mod description Video
Apocalypse Spell Package Over 100 new spells to enhance all playthrough styles. Video by insane0hflex
Lost Magic Adds dozens of new spells to Skyrim. Video by insane0hflex
Sneak-Related Mods
Improve the sneak-related aspects of Skyrim with these mods
Mod name Mod description Video
Sneak Tools This mod aims to improve stealth gameplay by adding new tools and gameplay options, like throat slitting and knocking out NPCs, to give the player more control and more things to do when sneaking, instead of only being able to slowly walk around and hope no one detects you. N/A
Path of Shadows This is a major Stealth overhaul, intended not only to balance it's effectiveness across all skill levels and perks, but also to improve the overall gameplay and realism of it. N/A
Improve the experience of being a vampire or werewolf
Mod name Mod description Video
Predator Vision Vampires are creatures of the night and should see in the dark as well as a human in the day. The default games nightvision is horrible in comparison. It is blurred, monocrome and frankly often makes it harder to see unless stood in extreme darkness. Video by Gopher
Better Vampire A mod dedicated to improving the gameplay aspects of being a vampire. Video by mod author
Moonlight Tales - Werewolf Essentials If you are a werewolf but not quite ready to commit to a mod that overhauls werewolf mechanics/gameplay, this mod is for you! Featuring the more "essential" parts of a much larger mod, detailed below. Video by insane0hflex
Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul A more fully featured werewolf and werebear overhaul than just the Werewolf Essentials mod mentioned above. If you are a dedicated werewolf player, this mod is definitely worth checking out! Video by Brodual