About me

I am a full stack web developer and I am proficient in several languages, such as C#, Javascript, SQL, and HTML/CSS. I enjoy building full stack web apps and contributing to the Skyrim and Fallout modding communities.

My Main GitHub Projects

Game Settings Configurator

A skeleton project for others to develop a Windows Presentation Framework application to manipulate/edit the .ini settings for a game. See a completed version of the GameSettingsConfigurator that I developed here: Fallout 4 Ultimate Tweak Tool.

Modding Forge: Skyrim

A tutorial site/guide for those modding Skyrim. Used by hundreds of people to successfully mod Skyrim with the best mods!

Fallout 4 Modding Guide

Similar to my Skyrim modding guide, but a guide for modding Fallout 4 instead. Has a bit of Angular.js aspects to help templating the mods out instead of hardcoding everything like my Skyrim guide.

Dark Souls 3 Save Game Backup Tool

Some rampant hacking targeted Dark Souls III recently and threatened the saves of players, so I made a tool to make automatic back ups of saves. If someone was invaded and hacked by the invader, then they can use a backup of their save.

Dark Souls 3 Save Game Backup Tool

A program that generates thumbnails of .png and .jpg images in the program's current directory. Handy for web development work when hundreds of thumbnails need to be created.

My Interests

Main Interests/Hobbies

  • Modding Games - Skyrim, Fallout4, etc
  • Photoshop and Photography
  • Full stack web development - I like front-end, back-end, services, etc
  • Creating simple games in Unity

Programming Interests

  • C#
  • C++
  • C
  • Javascript
  • Python